Frequently Asked Questions

Why i need correct swimwear/trunks?

  • Every kind of sport have his own dressing. So you need a dress without pockets and it should be tied on your skin. The swimwear should be from a synthetic material. No cotton!
  • If your trunks is to long, you can`t properly moving in the water.
  • Normaly you change your clothes near the pool in the changing room. Many people come with the swimwear, with that they would like to enter into the pool. Before they sit in the car, on the motorbike, in the bus, on the street or everywhere. So it comes dust on the swimwear. That is not good for our pool. Our pool is no washing-machine.
  • Many trunks have pockets. So you forget what is inside and than we have that in our pool.
  • Long beach trunks sucks much water. Every time you leave the pool, maybe for jumping, you take a lot of water with you. That water is than missing in the pool. We have to replace this water. That cost money. So the entrance fee will be increase.
  • Pants and underwear is not allowed because it looks not nice and the materiel is cotton. You also not going with pants in town or to practice cricket.

What is correct swimwear ?


  • ... pass material of synthetic
  • ... have normaly no pockets
  • ... is tied on your skin
  • You can look for examples in our shop

Do you have a baby-pool?

No, we have no baby-pool. A baby-pool is not necessary. Then it becomes also difficult later to accustom the children to the deep water. Without baby pool they get to know only the deep water.

How deep is the pool?

One half is 4 feet and the other half is 7 feet.

What is your country?

We are from Germany, Berlin.

Can I get a discount?

No, all prices are fixed. Please don't bargain/negotiate!