If you are coming

1. Please say what you want.

  • How long you like to stay?
  • Do you like to have a lesson?
  • You need a trunk or a google?
  • Do you need a key for a locker?

2. Please pay the entrance fee before you go into the changing room.

3. Look after you valuable things.

Before you go into the pool

  • Please switch of your mobilphone or take it near the pool.
  • Change your clothes and put on your swimwear.
  • Swimwear must be CORRECT swimwear. The Swimtrunk or swimming costume should be clean. Pants, underwear, shorts, beachtrunks are not allowed. Ask our service.
  • If you use the toilette, please use the rinse.
  • Before you go to the poolarea, please wash your feet in the footbath.
  • Before you enter into the pool, please take a shower. On the poolarea, there are 4 showers.

If you are in or around the pool

  • You have to follow the instructions from the lifeguard, staff or coach.
  • Please not running on the whole area. Its wet and slippery.
  • Please respect other customers.
  • Don´t eat on the poolarea.
  • Push nobody into the water.
  • Do not disturb other customers.

All things which you rent, damage or destroy you must replace.

After swimming

  • Take a shower to rinse the chlorine from your skin.
  • Don´t waste the changing rooms.
  • If you use the toilette, please use the rinse.
  • Don´t forget your monthly-card or receipt or other things in the changing rooms.
  • Please be carefull on the stairs if they are wet.

Please don´t waste our parkarea with rubbish.